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The home of glastonbaby

What we do

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Every week on Primrose Hill we bring you 2 x free 30 min gigs. These are a blend of nursery rhymes, 60's classics, Musical Theatre favourites and chart toppers. It’s a full sensory experience: live instruments, props, bubbles, puppets and parachutes. We post on our instagram page which day and what time they’re going to be held.

In addition to this we also provide private bespoke parties and host special one-off gigs for Halloween and the festive season.

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our story so far

Hello! Sophie and Ryan here. We set up Glastonbaby in June 2020, when we were first allowed to meet outside again during the pandemic. We are both Musical Theatre performers, and whilst theatre’s remained closed we were looking for a new and exciting creative project. Sophie was nannying in the Primrose Hill area and sensed a real appetite from the community for a safe space for their children to experience live music for the first time. And out of our brains was born Glastonbaby: a free, laid-back, outdoor music festival for under 5's, packed with nursery rhymes, your favourite pop songs and live instruments. We started with 1 family and asked passers-by from the park to join and every weekend since we have grown and evolved into the amazing community we see today, 4 years later!!!

Beyond our gigs, we now regularly entertain for private parties, as well as host our iconic Halloween and Festive gigs in the colder months - and so this year we decided to rebrand our umbrella company as Baby Jam!

Throw a Baby Jam Party

Price List

45 mins £140

1 hour £160

1.5 Hours £180

2 hours £200

Glitter Tattoos +£10

Party Assistant +£20

We love bringing our brand of musical mayhem to birthday parties and other events. We are both self-employed and we always aim to do the parties together. If that isn’t possble, we are both experienced at leading parties on our own. Sometimes clients prefer to have 2 voices, so we have an array of fantastic assistants who have joined us in the past (for which there is a small extra charge).

In terms of how you’d like the party to run, we always recommend a phone call so that we can plan the best possible party for you and your guests. We can discuss potential games, the songs we could sing and how we would divide the time you have booked.